Wellness Examinations

Wellness Exams from Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital

Ensuring Happy & Healthy Lives for Your Four-Legged Family Members

At Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital, we can’t express how important regular wellness checkups are for your pet. Animals age far quicker than their human parents, so it’s even more important that they are seen regularly by a veterinarian. Small problems can grow into larger issues quite fast if they go unchecked. Our team cares about your pets and wants to make sure they have long, happy, and healthy lives. That’s why we offer wellness exams for animals of all ages.

Our physical exams include a head-to-tail assessment:

  • Check body weight and temperature
  • Look at the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Check the lymph nodes
  • Look in the mouth to assess the health of the teeth and gums
  • Evaluate the heart and lungs
  • Feel the abdomen to check the internal organs including the kidneys and liver
  • Evaluate the muscles, spine, and joints

After the examination, we carefully document our findings and give you our recommendations for any health problems we find.

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Backed by Decades of Experience

When it comes to veterinary hospitals in the Elkins Park area, you have quite a few options. At Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital, we believe that experience matters. Not only does our animal hospital offer over 35 years of experience, but our veterinarians each also have extensive experience themselves. Throughout the years, we have continued to expand our knowledge about pets, their behaviors, and their potential illnesses and diseases. This has allowed us to always provide the best possible care for all of our patients.

Our hospital also offers:

  • Brand new renovated facilities
  • State-of-the-art surgery and dental suites
  • Updated equipment
  • Up-to-date medicines and technology

Don’t Forget Your Vaccinations!

A very important part of routine wellness care includes staying up-to-date on your pet’s vaccinations. If your pet has been to our hospital before, we’ll be able to access their vaccination schedule and will know when they are due for the next. Vaccinations can help protect your pet from serious illnesses that are otherwise avoidable. If you have questions or are not sure which vaccinations your pet has had or may be in need of, reach out to our team. Several factors determine which shots are recommended and we’ll be able to advise you.

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Why Elkins Park?

  • State of the Art Facility

    Our newly renovated facility provides the absolute best experience for you and your pet.

  • Experienced and Dedicated Staff

    The knowledgable staff at Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital provides the highest quality care for your pet. 

  • Decades of Service

    For over 25 years, our experienced veterinarians have been devoted to keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Treating your pets, like our pets.

Real Owners Tell Their Stories

  • “Dr. Katz is a gem - she combines care, calm and cure!”

    - Amy W.
  • “We enjoyed our experience with him. Would definitely recommend him.”

    - Harvey S.
  • “I recently took my sun conure there to see the exotic veterinary doctor. He took his time explaining everything to my husband and I while being extremely caring to our pet.”

    - Tiffany C.