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Pet Nutrition from Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital

We Care About Your Pet’s Dietary Health

Feeding your pet a nutritious diet is essential for your pet to lead a happy, healthy, and long life. With so many options on the shelves today, choosing the right food for your pet can be overwhelming. Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital wants to help. When trying to make this decision, it is important to visit your veterinarian so that they can complete a full nutritional assessment. Your vet will be able to determine the appropriate food you should be feeding your pet.

Our veterinarians can discuss your pet’s diet with you during your next wellness visit. These exams are a great time to address any concerns you have, whether they are regarding diet or something else. As your pet ages, his or her dietary requirements may change, so it’s important that you routinely visit our office. We’ll be able to discuss any dietary changes that need to be made and make the appropriate recommendations.

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  • “Dr. Katz is a gem - she combines care, calm and cure!”

    - Amy W.
  • “We enjoyed our experience with him. Would definitely recommend him.”

    - Harvey S.
  • “I recently took my sun conure there to see the exotic veterinary doctor. He took his time explaining everything to my husband and I while being extremely caring to our pet.”

    - Tiffany C.